APK internet Permission is missing -error

I am trying to import an android apk file into Appium Studio/import app for Android device into Appium Studio. I click the Import/Sign tab and select my apk. Seems studio starts to do its thing and then Showing me an error message “APK internet Permission is missing”
I turned off the firewall and the antivirus…

How can this be resolved?

Thanks ,

Have you checked if the APK file’s AndroidManifest.xml contain following line

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" /> 

If not please add at appropriate place and then try again.

This also happens to me in the ExperiBank app that comes with Appium Studio
I’ve also tried other apps that work well on my desktop but not on my laptop,
Maybe it’s an environmental issue?

Thanks ,

I am using 12.9 Studio and able to load the Experibank which comes with Studio
Are you trying in Real Device ?
Please do tell if you get this one or two device ?

Also try not to install in non-instrumented mode (just to check what happens in that case including Experibank)

yes i am trying on Real Device
This happens on more than 2 devices
Also i try install in instrumented mode

Please try and check non instrumented mode although instrumented mode should also work for sure if you use Eribank app which is provided in Appium Studio

Please provide a clean log , you can get the log using Help -> Open Logs folder which will open a folder with Appium Studio* .log. Since it works for and most of the other users , I think it is somehow because of your environment or device .

There is a problem sending the log
Is there another way to send the log?

I have mailed you, Please respond in it.