Object spy not work on one of my iphone


I change to a new Iphone(8 plus) for test, after I connected, installed app, and then I open device, it all works find. but when I click object spy , it took a long time to process screen, and then not thing display in right windows, as picture I put on. I use another iphone(6 plus) which I had used for a few weeks, I still works good. does anyone know what else need to be done when change to a new iphone ? the new iphone uuid already on my ios developer profile. I can do click scroll on the new Iphone, but can’t run script, record or spy objects.


Hello ,

I am not fully sure this could be because of Provisioning profile, please could let me know what licencing you are using ?


I’am using developer provision profile. and this profile is share for use in our team. and the apple id type is Company.


Okay. But my question was more on the Licence of Appium Studio itself?

  1. Is it an Community Edition?
  2. Is it an Enterprise Edition?

Could you tell me what kind of licence it by going to “About” and let me know?


Oh ,sorry , My Appium studio is community edition and in version V12.1.80.